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About Esplorinda

Did you know that the word Esplorinda means worth exploring in Esperanto? The owner is fanatic about -rinda terms. That is why the owner chose Esplorinda to suit her passion of exploring the development around the Southeast Asia region.

Esplorinda started back in December 2021 with a mission to revolutionize the travel blog to be more relatable with the development studies. Unlike most travel blogs that focus only on food, scenic pictures, and touristy landmarks, Esplorinda brings reader to understand the history behind the delicious foods, great pictures, and places where there are development studies concepts to blend with.

In July 2023, Esplorinda officially registered under the Companies Commission of Malaysia (IP 0587684-H) which brought the missions to conduct research activities related to development studies in the Southeast Asia region including the publication activities as the result of the research.

Do you know us from somewhere, before?

Kindly reach us to stay connected and you might be interested to collaborate with us on any project related to development studies, youth empowerment, and many more!

The owner is alumni from the below events:

We are supporting Sustainable Development Goals (SDG)

We are also supporting Sustainable Development Goals (SDG) in order to transform our world to a better version. We are trying to make it realistic. Therefore with our small hands and capabilities, we are trying to cover four SDGs as of now.